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Partnership Story

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Michelyne and Gaye met at The Thacher School during the tumultuous summer of 2020. Gaye was the Anacapa Visiting Scholar in residence from UCLA for the fall and Michelyne was the newly appointed Director of Signature Programs, transitioning to secondary school education after 18 years at Williams College where she was the Women’s Soccer Coach and an Assistant Athletic Director-–two working Moms at the peak of their professional careers.  

Yet for both, the intersection of the pandemic, the explosive racial unrest, the widening cultural economic divide and the clashing of emerging identities brought with it a palpable and motivating discomfort and a visceral realization that they had more to contribute to the world.

A connection--a bond--was forged.

At that moment they weren't sure what shape that awareness would take, but every conversation they had over those months centered on how they might partner in creating and then sharing a vision that would have a positive and inspiring impact on the educational community they knew so well.

It was clear that each would bring different yet complementary skill sets to the partnership: Michelyne with an intuitive, analytical, systems-based approach; Gaye with a creative, intellectual and empowering presence.   

Out of these conversations emerged the Anacapa Consulting Group, aiming to partner with educators in becoming more effective, inclusive and inspiring leaders in a high-performing, team-oriented context. 

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