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We partner with Professionals interested in capacity building and cultural fluency to create high performing teams with the end goal of generating transformative, inclusive and inspiring learning experiences for their students and rewarding and sustainable careers for their institutional team members.

We do so through The Institute for Contemporary Leadership (WYN), WYNin6 Executive Searches, Executive Coaching, Professional Development and Consulting .


We recognize that leadership development is always nuanced, layered and time consuming.


Leadership Development with talented individuals for high performing teams in our current landscape is more challenging than ever.


We have created our "WYNin6 Curriculum" that centers the 6 "I"s -  Introspection, Imagination, Intention, Inclusion, Inspiration, and Iteration. This process is transformative for both the individual and the communities, teams organizations, schools or families to which that person is connected and/or leads.


Executive coaching is a learning approach that creates self-awareness that helps drive transformational change, and provides critical challenge and support. We build a collaborative relationship partnership that leverages your lived experience as a leader and is customized to fit your needs.

We are not counselors, mentors, therapists or consultants, whose processes is directed towards giving specific advice to solve problems and alleviate stress.  Our methodology, and the enjoyment and satisfaction we take from our work, is in providing space for you to articulate who you want to be as a professional and helping you put words to your experiences--connecting those dots.


Anacapa is offering a contemporary twist on the Retained Executive Search Model.  Our model marries a traditional retained search and Executive Coaching, that we refer to as the WYNin6 Retained Search Model.

The Retained Search Team will be lead by Dave Johnson and benefit from Anacapa’s extensive and respected coaching network that is established across all NCAA Divisions and Sports, including close ties within NESCAC, UAA, SCIAC, IVY, ACC, SEC, PAC 12 and the Patriot League.


Gain clarity by partnering with us to gain a new perspective. Understand the barriers holding you back, and learn effective processes that will enable you to more easily solve problems and move forward in the future.

At the heart of professional development is the idea of building a core of knowledge that becomes an essential part of your expertise. Professional Development boosts employee engagement, increases the organization's ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline, and reduces the headaches and costs associated with turnover. Great leaders attract, hire, and inspire great people.

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