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Anacapa is offering a contemporary twist on the Retained Executive Search Model.  Our model marries a traditional retained search and Executive Coaching, that we refer to as the WYNin6 Executive Search Model.



  • The Retained Search will benefit from Anacapa’s extensive and respected coaching network that is already established across all NCAA Divisions and Sports, including close ties within NESCAC, UAA, SCIAC, IVY, ACC, SEC, PAC 12 and the Patriot League.

  • In addition to the search, we also will partner with new hires to go through our WYNin6 Contemporary Leadership Curriculum, established through our WYN - Institute for Contemporary Leadership - during their first year of employment, which will greatly increase the likelihood of successful onboarding for  the candidate and a greater immediate impact on your community.

  • The goal of the WYNin6 model is to decrease the mentoring workload while accelerating the learning curve of new hires by establishing and confirming an immediate sense of the institutional commitment to and support for their success.

  • The curriculum entails action items around our Six “I’s”:

 Imagination  ⇼ Introspection  ⇼   Intention  ⇼  Inclusion  ⇼  Inspiration  ⇼  Iteration

  • Collaborating with them in building out realistic and sustainable visions for their programs, both long and short term, by drawing up tangible action plans that reflect and solidify their team values, culture and goals.

  • Advancing the clarity of the above so they can successfully message their vision, values and goals to team members, recruits, and community, not just in words, but in the cultural environment they create.

  • Identifying and working through potential mental, emotional or professional roadblocks that might stand in the way of immediately initiating momentum for the program and the coach.

  • Providing a confidential, safe space for each coach to marshal their strengths and explore their blindspots in a non-threatening context to foster self-discovery and improve critical thinking and decision making.


Craig Pintens, Athletic Director at Loyola Marymount University

Michelyne has provided excellent guidance for our department. It was immediately clear why she was such a successful coach. Her high emotional intelligence and ability to understand people allow her to evaluate situations succinctly, enabling us to maximize our decision-making. We look forward to working with Anacapa in the future to enhance our leadership team and department.

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