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Leveraging Your Lived Experience

Executive coaching is an interactive approach to learning that builds on your lived experience as a professional and your existing leadership strengths to open new doors for mental and emotional growth.

Our approach is customized to fit your needs through an individually designed, flexible program that begins with an extensive and broad-ranging conversational assessment of where you are at this moment and where you hope to go in the future. There is no prescribed "course of study." We will go on a journey of self-discovery with you and step in to guide you in areas of interest and relevance, helping you become a more creative, efficient and productive professional.

We provide a safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental, confidential space to test your ideas and share your thoughts, as we help you recharge your professional energy and recapture your sense of clarity and purpose--to find joy in your work again.

We are not counselors, mentors, therapists or consultants, whose processes is directed towards giving specific advice to solve problems and alleviate stress.  Our methodology, and the enjoyment and satisfaction we take from our work, is in providing space for you to articulate who you want to be as a professional and helping you put words to your experiences--connecting those dots.

We will help you rediscover the community values that attracted you to your profession in the first place, and in doing so. finding a pathway forward that will broaden and deepen your knowledge and abilities.


Sarah BrinkTrinity College 

Assistant Coach of Women's Soccer  

There are few people I know in this world with the ability to listen as intently, care as deeply, and provide honest feedback as respectfully as Michelyne. Having known her for over 15 years, I have learned so much by observing the countless ways she is able to get the best out of people and teams. No matter the physical distance between us, she is still the person I call when I am stuck, struggling, or need a different perspective on an issue. I am a better person, friend, and coach because of Michelyne, and I frequently think about how grateful I am to have her in my life.

Sayra Trejo, The Thacher School

Spanish Teacher/Volleyball Coach

Working with Michelyne has been an amazing experience. Her vast knowledge and experience of the inner workings of sports coaching, coupled with her patience and understanding of the coach-player relationship make every coaching session insightful and impactful. Michelyne has helped me understand the “why” behind my coaching decisions and has helped me embody the traits of a successful coach. Before working with Michelyne, I knew that coaching volleyball was something I enjoyed doing, but working together to outline my values and coaching philosophy is helping me see myself as a transformational coach and has helped me become more passionate about my craft. I felt seen and heard through her coaching and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her. I know that my players and volleyball program will benefit from what I have learned from Michelyne. 


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