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Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with SKILLS concept related words imprinted on metal


Climate Surveys

Departmental Organization

Program Review/Revamp

Departmental Review

Equity Review

Policy Review

Professional Development

Formats for Professional Development


Small Group Work

Large Group Presentations

Discussion Groups

Combination of the above 


Hana Tomozawa, Williams College ‘15 Project Lead at McKinsey and Company 

MBA/MS Candidate at University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability and Ross School of Business

Michelyne would observe, interview and empathize with us to form hypotheses around the various mental, physical, and interpersonal obstacles that impeded our highest level of performance at a collective level and our highest level of potential at an individual level. She would invite us to create solutions with her and approached prototyping and iterating with a fearless humility - unafraid to change our strategy or admit failure. Essentially she was applying and teaching us design thinking as a creative and practical problem-solving methodology to develop high-performing teams and more importantly, resilient and empowered future female leaders.

Nkem Iregbulem, Williams College '20, All American, DART Associate at the Capital Group

Michelyne’s years of success as the head coach of women’s soccer at Williams College were no accident. It was her focus on creating an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding team experience that her players truly wanted to be a part of. It was her undeniable dedication to each player’s development both on and off the field. Setting high standards, she constantly pushed me and my teammates to commit, compete, and communicate at our highest level each day while providing guidance along the way. She spent hours meeting individually with each player to discuss their strengths and weaknesses and to develop a plan for how to improve. It was through these meetings that Michelyne helped me become a better and more frequent communicator over time. Lastly, Michelyne was always thinking ten steps ahead — equipped with not only a game plan to prepare for each situation but also a backup plan to remain flexible. She was exactly the dependable, committed, confident, and inspiring leader that any team needs to be successful. I wouldn’t be the person and player that I am today without the skillset that Michelyne helped me build over the years.

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